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On predicting the future

I was trying to watch for all kinds of list including CRM predicitions for 2008, but Paul Greenberg apparently has a keener eye than me. He’s come up with a comprehensive list of predictions from various researchers and key crm … Continue reading

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On CRM and User Adoption

Triggered by a post on the usability of enterprise software, I ended up reading an article on CRM and user adoption. CRM spending is on the rise again in the US (us Europeans have been experiencing a CRM “mini” boom … Continue reading

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On end of year lists and receiving accolades

The holiday season is upon us and a new year is about to start, which means it’s time for all kinds of top x of 2007 lists. I’ve been watching out for these kinds of lists in the CRM area, … Continue reading

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On outsourcing your services

A consistent brand experience and high quality service usually leads to a significant decrease in customer churn, after all, a happy customer remains a customer. Some companies are finding benefits in outsourcing customer service to achieve a more consistent brand … Continue reading

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On seeing the financial benefits of an improved customer experience

An article on CRM daily, written by Natalie L. Petouhoff and Brian R. Johnson from Hitachi Consulting in the US, provides interesting insights into the quantifiable benefits of an enhanced customer experience. All too often CRM applications are implemented just … Continue reading

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On customer service lessons from a shopping survey

Marketwatch posted the results of a Wharton survey into the way women and men shop (US Based). The overall results indicate that men are more focussed on buying whereas women tend to shop around. The article also contains some interesting … Continue reading

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On Salesforce to salesforce

Already a big Web 2.0 application, is adding additional features to its product: Social Networking. The salesforce to salesforce part of has been recently launched and provides opportunities for salesforce subcribers and developers to connect and collaborate. Read … Continue reading

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