CRM in a downturn (1) – links

Most of the western world is suffering the economic effects of the credit crunch, which has turned into a full blown recession for most countries in Western Europe and the US. It seems that most CRM efforts are now focussed on customer retention, rather then improving service or acquiring new customers. This post provides links to a number of blog postings and articles that focus on CRM in a recession.

Paul Greenberg – Customer experience, recession – fan friendly?

CRM Daily – Beyond survival, winning in a global recession

Jim Berkowitz – Business Value and Getting More Bang for the Buck Will be Important CRM Trends in 2009

Jim Berkowitz – How Leading Companies are Optimizing Sales Through Data Integration and Analytics

and finally an interesting post by Dave Kurlan, on what really matters.

I’ve probably left out a whole lot of posts that deal with the same topic and provide interesting inside information. So, what should I add to this list?

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