On Rockstars of social crm

I attended the Radian6 Rockstars of Social CRM Event in Boston this last wednesday. An interesting panel of Social CRM guys talking about what Social Media can do for your company’s CRM efforts. I shot some video that you can see embedded below.

Radian6 also gave a nice demonstration of their Force.COM social CRM technology, used for webcare and online reputation management. Using Social Media to engage your customers in a conversation sounds great when it comes to Customer Service, and also shows some promise on the Sales side of CRM as well. I’m however still thinking about how Social CRM fits into the CRM process area and will post some more on this later this month. That’s all for now.

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One Response to On Rockstars of social crm

  1. David Alston says:

    Thanks for your thoughts on the topic Wouter. Definitely an evolving space and topic. And thanks for attending and grabbing a bit of vid of the event, and the shout out here in your post. Much appreciated.


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