Re: Gartner: CRM, back to 1999?

CRM: Back to 1999? Added my comment to a post by Scott Nelson, VP of CRM research at Gartner. I do believe that the CRM market is kind of like it was in 1999. After the economic downturn companies have been focussing on operational excellence (whereas governments have been focussing on Citizen Relationship management and are now starting to focus on operational excellence). Now that part of the economy is starting to improve it’s time for companies to reshift their focus to revenue enhancement and the customer!

The full text of my comment is:


I agree with Esteban, what I see here in Europe is that most large enterprises have been focussing on Operational Excellence for the last two years, trying to make their way through the economic downturn whereas the public sector in Europe has been spending heavily in CRM and becoming citizen centric. This is something I’ve seen quite a bit in the Financial Services sector, where companies have spent a lot of time and money on reorganizing, consolidating and restructuring to prevent negative effects from the debt crisis. Now the time has come to rediscover focussing on the customer and coming to terms with the innovations in the CRM space over the past couple of year and focus on creating competitive advantage by offering a better customer experience. Funds are still limited however, so creating a business case is key. Creating a business case is the solution to making sure they get a bigger bang for their buck and focussing your limited resources where it counts. I believe we’ll see spending on CRM and customer focussed initiatives move from the European Public Sector towards commercial enterprises, starting with the Financial Services Industry, moving on through Telco’s, Pharmaceuticals, the manufacturing industry and then on to retail. One of the biggest trends in these customer focussed initiatives will be less traditional software, more SaaS and the advent of business rule engines and flexible, business rule driven CRM solutions where the business owner is in control (instead of the IT guys).

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