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Linkdump: on the breakdown of a social media listening center

Jeremy Owyang, an industry analyst for the Altimeter Group has posted ann interesting breakdown of how companies deal with Social Media Engagment online. Read it here. The post includes a breakdown of the business goals, risks and drivers that apply when … Continue reading

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Increasing vs. embracing complexity

The articles in September’s Harvard Business Review reinforced something that’s been on my mind for quite sometime: we seem to be increasing complexity in today’s enterprise, rather than embrace complexity. How? By making communication between Business and IT more complex … Continue reading

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Rule based CRM, an architecture: step 1, Information Domains (1)

In a post from July 2011 I wrote about Rule Based CRM. Seperating your ever changing business rules from your CRM system in a seperate rule engine as a means to create more flexibility and better business owner control over … Continue reading

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Re: Gartner: CRM, back to 1999?

CRM: Back to 1999? Added my comment to a post by Scott Nelson, VP of CRM research at Gartner. I do believe that the CRM market is kind of like it was in 1999. After the economic downturn companies have … Continue reading

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CRM innovation: Rule Based CRM is the way of the future!

Rules govern our daily operations Rules govern our life, whether it’s your private or professional life. Most things you do are tied to a set of rules and regulations, such as creating a quote for a customer or driving your … Continue reading

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On Accenture’s 2010 Global Consumer Survey

A tweet alerted me to Accenture’s 2010 Global Consumer Survey Executive Summary.  Well worth a read. An interesting insight into Global Consumer Trends. Some highlights: the number of consumers who switched service providers as a result of poor customer service … Continue reading

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On the “added” value of social networking data

About 10 days ago I had an interesting twitter conversation with @wimrampen and @grahamhill about the added value of collecting loads of data about your brand, your target demographic and your customers on social networks, such as twitter, facebook, friendfeed … Continue reading

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