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Rule based CRM, an architecture: step 1, Information Domains (1)

In a post from July 2011 I wrote about Rule Based CRM. Seperating your ever changing business rules from your CRM system in a seperate rule engine as a means to create more flexibility and better business owner control over … Continue reading

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On the “added” value of social networking data

About 10 days ago I had an interesting twitter conversation with @wimrampen and @grahamhill about the added value of collecting loads of data about your brand, your target demographic and your customers on social networks, such as twitter, facebook, friendfeed … Continue reading

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Slideshare: building a B2B social media business case

About two years ago I chaired a workshop on B2B social media, for Marketing Majors of the Rotterdam School of Management. The workshop was aimed exploring B2B opportunities for social media and social crm. The students I that attended the … Continue reading

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On the application of Social CRM (2) – Videos

I used a Dutch based website (Yubby) to collect a number of interesting videos on the concept of Social CRM, the applications that can be used to implement Social CRM and some statements from users of Social CRM applications. Enjoy! … Continue reading

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Linkdump – time to put a stake in the ground on social crm

Great post by Paul Greenberg on what Social CRM is. An attempt to move forward from talking about the definition of social CRM to actually using Social CRM to engage customers in conversations. Next step: applying social crm and measuring … Continue reading

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On the applications of social crm – introduction

so what is social crm? Essentially Social CRM is using social media, such as facebook, twitter and wikipedia to start conversations with customers, or join conversations that have been started by your customers. Social CRM has also been called CRM … Continue reading

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CRM in a downturn (2) – a poll on CRM focus

The current economic crisis is having a significant effect on investments in enterprise wide CRM process reengineering and implementations of CRM technology. What is your view on where companies are most likely to invest, when it comes to CRM?

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