Linkdump: 2011, Say/Mean Gap and Open Value Networks

Paul Greenberg’s predictions for CRM in 2011

  • CRM in 2011, what’s up wit’ dat? Part I
  • CRM in 2001, what’s up wit’ dat? Part II
  • Do your customers mean what they say about your brand, or what they want from your products and services?

  • Exploring the say-mean gap in design research
  • Open Value Networks: a great resource for Network Value Mapping, via @grahamhill

  • Open Value Networks
  • Dealing with a social media hangover.

  • Enterprise Irregulars – social media hangover – perspective
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    Slideshare: building a B2B social media business case

    About two years ago I chaired a workshop on B2B social media, for Marketing Majors of the Rotterdam School of Management. The workshop was aimed exploring B2B opportunities for social media and social crm. The students I that attended the workshop had a clear vision on how to use Social Media in a B2C context, but found it hard to apply the same principles to B2B marketing. Recently I stumbled across a slideshare presentation by Christina Kerley that lists 10 clear benefits that can be used to build a B2B social media business case. Well worth a read!

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    On the application of Social CRM (2) – Videos

    I used a Dutch based website (Yubby) to collect a number of interesting videos on the concept of Social CRM, the applications that can be used to implement Social CRM and some statements from users of Social CRM applications. Enjoy!

    Watch the Social CRM channel on Yubby

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    Linkdump – time to put a stake in the ground on social crm

    Great post by Paul Greenberg on what Social CRM is. An attempt to move forward from talking about the definition of social CRM to actually using Social CRM to engage customers in conversations.

    Next step: applying social crm and measuring social crm success.

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    On the applications of social crm – introduction

    so what is social crm? Essentially Social CRM is using social media, such as facebook, twitter and wikipedia to start conversations with customers, or join conversations that have been started by your customers. Social CRM has also been called CRM 2.0. CRM 2.0 is defined as:

    CRM 2.0 is a philosophy & a business strategy, supported by a technology platform, business rules, processes and social characteristics, designed to engage the customer in a collaborative conversation in order to provide mutually beneficial value in a trusted & transparent business environment. It’s the company’s response to the customer’s ownership of the conversation.

    on the crm 2.0 wiki

    The keywords in the above definition are collaborative conversation, mutually benificial value and in a trusted & transparant business environment.

    So Social CRM is not a replacement of traditional crm, but a new way of communicating with customers, through new media, and allows companies to join in conversations that customers have started about your company or your products / services. I’ve read through numerous blogpost and articles describing that Social CRM is a hype and that Social CRM will never replace existing CRM or Customer Experience Management processes. Of course it won’t and it’s not intended to replace them, it’s just a new way of communicating. Mike Schneider posted the following insights on Social CRM on his blog:

    The fact is that there are applications for Social Media across the enterprise. Look. Social (essentially) means communication. Media is a medium of conveyance. So Social Media is a fancy name for a communication tool. The organization needs to communicate in order to succeed. Your team or functional area does not need to be the Superfriends of Social Media, locking down the technology at the Halls of Social Media Justice. It is one thing to be a trail blazer and another to construct a fortress around the perimeter of a trail to ensure that no one else can even see the trail.

    His comment also highlights that your company’s social media efforts need not be driven from either a special department within your customer services department, or by the IT guys because they know all about social media. I think that incorporating social media as a communication tool for marketing, sales or service should become an integral part of your CRM strategy, if you are in the Business 2 consumer market.

    In the coming weeks I hope to be able to devote some time to post on the different elements of social CRM or CRM 2.0: the collaborative conversation, mutually benificial value and trust & transparancy.

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    On Rockstars of social crm

    I attended the Radian6 Rockstars of Social CRM Event in Boston this last wednesday. An interesting panel of Social CRM guys talking about what Social Media can do for your company’s CRM efforts. I shot some video that you can see embedded below.

    Radian6 also gave a nice demonstration of their Force.COM social CRM technology, used for webcare and online reputation management. Using Social Media to engage your customers in a conversation sounds great when it comes to Customer Service, and also shows some promise on the Sales side of CRM as well. I’m however still thinking about how Social CRM fits into the CRM process area and will post some more on this later this month. That’s all for now.

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    Linkdump: CRM and the demise of GM

    Check out this interesting article by Dennis Pombriant on CRM in the automotive industry.

    GM’s Demise and the Rise of CRM Culture.

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